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User research
User interface
User experience design
The #1 iOS App for helping people reduce their alcohol intake or quit drinking, backed by Emory and Harvard University.

Reframe is a neuroscience habit change program focused on helping people change the way alcohol shows up in their lives.

Assembled and managed, led the design team. Worked closely alongside stakeholders, engineers and users.

Redesign UI / UX of iOS app.

Utilizing Fullstory and MixPanel to conduct user research to improve user experience
Sophie Cheung  Creative Director
Sanju Varghese Product Engineer
Alice Zhang  Visual Designer
Beth Bowen   Content Writer
April 2021 - Jan 2022
Reframe had around 3,000 users in April 2021 with a MVP version of the app that’s put together by the founders. As they enter Y Combinator (Startup accelerator) and gain more users, they needed a more user friendly design of the app.
Without changing the core features of the app, redesign its UI and UX after conducting user interview and understanding existing UI/ UX issues. Redesign the app’s UI according to its updated branding. Rewrite UX copy to improve user experience.


Toolkit Tab
The toolkit tab contains a range of tools backed by neuroscience that helps users cut back on drinking. For example, the Craving Timer - a 20-minute timer that helps users beat the craving of wanting to drink, Meditations, Journal, Podcast, Games, Affirmation Quotes...
Through extensive user research, we identified several problems
Craving Mode
Redesigned “Craving Mode” UI and UX. A button that users can tap whenever they feel the urge to drink.

Redesigned tools alongside medical professional, taking user from state A to state B - immediate state change.

Added pop-up that allows users to immediately log their drinks if they ended up drinking.
Craving Mode in action
Me Tab
A tab that displays the user's health information, statistics and a tracker for drinking habits
Existing Problem
Through extensive user research, we identified several problems
1. UI is turned more minimalistic

2. Redesign the Drink Tracker completely, turning user data into a design that users can visualize and comprehend clearly, adding congratulational messages for a friendly user-experience

3. Drink Tracker is interactive

4. Enlarged user stats for a more pleasant viewing experience, users can view their progress at a quick glance. Added progress message to give users a feeling of accomplishment
Me Tab in action
Since the redesign, Reframe has 7200 reviews, 6000 5-star reviews, and has 4.8 stars on App Store

User Reviews:
“As a therapist, one of the hardest things is when I’m helping a client stop drinking, and they experience a craving between our session and when we have a session next... One of my favorite tools, Reframe App... what I love is if you leave it, it will prompt you to ask if you drank or if you didn’t”
- Amanda White, popular therapist, founder of @therapyforwomen

“My favorite tool is seeing how much money I saved and all of the empty calories I don’t consume”
- Dr. Alli Cain, @drallicain

“This is a very well designed app and worth the money”
- 5-Star App Store Review

“I particularly like the overview section where the app tells you how much money you have saved and how much calories you have avoided... It’s easy to quantify your results with this app”
- 5 Star App Store Review

“The tracking is really helpful, much more so than just keeping it in your mind. Seeing it visually has more impact.”
- 5 Star App Store Review

“I found the app very user friendly and easy to use”
- 5 Star App Store Review

“There’s a ton of useful, helpful content in this app (meditations, games to play if you’re triggered, EFT tapping exercises). Highly recommend
- 5 Star App Store Review