Reframe - Hulu Ad

Hulu commercial direct

The #1 iOS App for helping people reduce their alcohol intake or quit drinking, backed by Emory and Harvard University.

Reframe is a neuroscience habit change program focused on helping people change the way alcohol shows up in their lives.
Hired and led the team. Worked closely alongside stakeholders and users.

Directed, edited and wrote Hulu commercial
Sophie Cheung  Director / Writer
Jacquelyn Wu
Dec 2021
Reframe aims to help users drink less and thrive, breaking stigma and barriers to the society’s perspective on alcohol use. They had an exponential growth in late 2021, mainly due to social media ads. Their goal is to expand to other marketing channels, such as Hulu. Direct, write and edit a 30-second commercial using stock footage and motion graphics.
Turn Reframe’s existing successful social media ads to a long-form, storytelling ad that’s impactful. Something that will educate and prompt viewers to make the change and reframe their relationship with alcohol, especially by downloading Reframe from the App Store.


Reframe has 7200 reviews, 6000 5-star reviews, and has 4.8 stars on App Store

Since the commercial launched on Hulu in late Dec 2021, Reframe has seen an increase in users joining and giving the app a trial. The company has seen a consistent increase of users every week, as well as increased brand exposure.